10 Black and White Bedroom Ideas That Are Clean, Classic, and Chic


Color plays a huge role in interior design, so when you’re decorating with a color palette that technically lacks actual color, it can feel pretty uninspiring. While the classic black and white combo can look timeless in almost any sequence, a perfectly balanced achromatic bedroom requires serious vision.

Before you go shopping and stock-piling décor that may not make the cut, scroll through 20 black and white bedrooms that you’ll undoubtedly want to copy from top to bottom. Whether you’re going for something modern and minimal or you have the bohemian look all over your Pinterest boards, there’s a colorless bedroom in here that’s sure to color you inspired. 

Work With Textureblack and white bedrooms

When you’re working with basic shades, make them pop with the addition of texture. Both pillows with three-dimensional embroidery and textiles with tassels and pom-poms give your simple color palette the extra oomph it needs to stand out.02of 21
Add Natural Fibers

black and white bedrooms

Black and white designs can sometimes come off as stark. Work in touches of natural fibers, like warm woods, linens, and greenery for a somewhat rustic, but totally sophisticated touch.03of 21
Light It Up

A beautiful way to highlight both the dark and light characteristics of a black and white bedroom is to ensure you have great lighting. This glass pendant complements both colors perfectly—while saving precious nightstand space, too. 31 Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas You’re Sure to Love
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Play With Prints

black and white bedrooms

Who said a black and white bedroom is doomed to look boring? If our eyes don’t deceive us, this achromatic bedroom boasts seven patterns from the walls to the upholstery. Create this same lofty look with wallpaper, textiles, curtains, and custom upholstery (like the dual patterned couch we can’t stop looking at).05of 21
Add Warm Wood Floors

Cool-toned black in a bedroom can feel intense for certain settings. Balance it with a warm-toned wood floor, like the blonde maple color in this simplistic bedroom. It warms up the room, making it feel soft, despite the dark tone incorporated throughout.06of 21
Don’t Shy Away From Pattern

black and white modern bedroom with black geometric textured accent wall

The best part about a black and white color palette is it boasts a graphic quality no other color palette can. Run with it by incorporating black and white patterns and textures throughout your room—it’s sure to create visual interest.

Thanks to the simplicity of a black and white color palette, you don’t run the risk of overwhelming the room with patterns. Go all out!07of 21
Go Bold With Black

black and white bedrooms

Dwellers tend to shy away from dark colors on the walls in fear that it will make the room look smaller. This glamorous bedroom is proof that black walls elevate the look of the space and don’t shrink it in the slightest. 20 Black Bedrooms That Make a Case for Using This Dramatic Shade
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Make It Eclectic

black and white bedroom

It’s a common misconception that the eclectic look resides in an abundant color palette. However, the assorted design style is actually rooted in worldly collections, charming furniture pieces, textures, and weathered textiles. The ornate headboard paired with a decorative pendant light, and a vintage rug contributes to the eclectic feel in this primarily black and white bedroom.09of 21
Go Window Shopping

black and white bedrooms

One of the most unexpected ways to add to your black and white color palette is via black window frames. When the Roman shades are drawn, this all-white bedroom boasts just the right amount of black touches.10of 21
Embrace Classic Charm

black and white bedrooms

While black and white bedrooms often boast a modern feel, this Spanish-style setup is proof you can enjoy the minimal color palette without skimping on the cultural charm. The addition of wright iron elements and the perfect tile-print headboard are just what you need to make it your own personal hacienda.