15 Of The Coolest Fountains From Around The World


Clever fountain designs using unlikely objects like water boats, ornate sculptures and statues, and interactive artwork all make up this compilation of brilliant designs from around the world.

Some of these elaborate fountains light up, rotate and even defy gravity. They’ve become a memorable feature in the public spaces they inhabit as they entice visitors with their inspiration and design.

If you’re in Spain, Sunderland, China, or Peru you might run into one of these masterpiec.

1. Magic Tap, Cadiz, Spain

2. Swarovski Crystal Head Fountain (Austria)

3. Vortex Fountain ‘Charybdis’, Sunderland, UK

4. Fountain ‘Metamorphosis’, Charlotte, USA

5. Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

6. ’71 Fountain’, Ohio, USA

7. Nacka Fountain, Stockholm, Sweden

8. The Fountain Of Wealth, Suntec City, Singapore

9. Unisphere Fountain, New York, USA

10. Stravinsky Fountain, Paris, France

11. Keller Fountain, Portland, Oregon, USA

12. Cascades Of Hercules Monument, Kassel, Germany

13. Fountain “Tunnel Of Surprises”, Lima, Peru

14. Mosaïcultures Internationales, Montreal, Canada (Currently Closed)

15. ‘The Divers Fountain’, Dubai, United Arab Emirates