15+ Steel Reinforcement Skills That Wake Up Your Creativations


The current construction works mostly use reinforced concrete bridges. Will you rarely know how steel-reinforced structures are constructed? We have gathered images of steel reinforcement in construction projects that will stimulate your creativity.

#1. The hardware of the stairs gave to make a residential house quiet

#2. Should have five stirrups each step, at least

#3. Hes like yep, this makes sense

#4. Basement for bridge Amsterdam

#5. And we made the same construction, but at a height of 11 meters. The formwork solution was elegant!

#6. Two sides of varied bars ? just schedule two lengths , one from the smallest part the add a vary on the other end , bundled in sets of ten

#7. I’ll would like to know what do they applied to retard corrosive process

#8. Such a great photo

#9. A slurry wall is a civil engineering technique used to build reinforced concrete walls in areas of soft earth close to open water, or with a high groundwater table. This technique is typically used to build diaphragm walls surrounding tunnels and open cuts, and to lay foundations.

#10. Amazing 

#11. incredible reforemment!

#12. Engineering is the study and application of the different branches of technology. … This means that, through techniques, designs and models, and with knowledge from science, engineering can solve problems and satisfy specific needs.

#13. Well done. I appreciate 

#14. Too heavy

#15. Fly over

#16. Looks like a foundational junction that acts both as a pile cap and a segment that connects tie beams

#17.  Neat work

#18. Walshy would have a field day out here

#19. If you make the roads solid, the followers neither eat nor drink.

#20. Foundation of overhead tank

#21. Woah those columns look really well landed?

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