15 Urban Optical Illusions That Will Leave You Speechless


Although it is highly appreciated, the sense of sight can often play tricks on us, making us believe that we see things where there are none. The optical illusions on this list manage, at times, to trick our brain, through techniques that play with our perception. The truth is that, despite the fact that we know they are a “hoax”… we love them! Here we show you some optical illusions of buildings and great urban paintings that have left us speechless.

  1. Do I see double?
    Mirrors are a neat optical illusion tool. In this case, they have taken advantage of the use of these to make you see for 2: in case all the books there were not enough for you, you will see double in this library. In addition, the semicircular shape of the room will make you believe that you are inside a cylinder.
  1. The transparent house.
    At first glance, it seems that this house is a bit incomplete, right? But no, again we continue with the mirrors. In this case, by alternating wood with mirrors, it gives us the feeling that the house has invisible parts of the façade, and that you can see through it.
  1. Feel like the spider-man.
    Get ready to feel like Spiderman “climbing” the facades of buildings. If you haven’t noticed yet, the trick is that a facade of a house has been made on the ground, and a large mirror has been placed on top of it. You can also take photos pretending to fall =P
  1. Buildings that make you dizzy.
    Stripes and the correct use of them always put your sight to the test, giving you a sensation of movement or depth. But don’t look at them too long or you’ll get dizzy. I don’t know about you, but I personally can’t stand more than 5 seconds looking at these buildings…
  1. Watch out! Do not fall…
    3D paintings fascinate us all. They are always a good excuse to take a “cool” photo. In this case, the ground has started to open up and it’s lava!
  1. A somewhat “dangerous” bridge…
    Do bridges scare you? This does not seem safe at all, but rest assured that you will not fall into the void. It’s hard to believe that this is just painting…
  1. Flying cars.
    After this, surely no one forgets this building: 3D painting is a good way to capture people’s attention and get remembered. Surely many people would use it as a reference point from now on.
  1. Spiderman to the rescue.
    Help Spiderman!! Being rescued by a superhero is the dream of many. And if not, at least, it will be a good photo on social media 😉
  1. At the foot of the ground.
    It’s really hard to believe that it’s not a hole in the ground… There are artists who really know how to play with perspective and shadows. I bet you had to look at the photo twice to believe what your eyes saw…

10. They are not the typical rats in the station…
I don’t know if it’s terrifying or fascinating to go through the station and find a drawing like this… Taking advantage of the use of objects, they have given more credibility to the painting: we cannot deny that this little staircase is super original for the photos.

  1. Neighborhood housing.
    Why have real neighbors if you can paint them? Good idea to create a sense of community and make friends with those “annoying neighbors”.
  1. Going through walls…
    We can’t all go through walls like ghosts, but there are other alternatives… This baby seems to have managed to get through this wall. A sample of 3D urban art excellently achieved.
  1. Reality or painting?
    For a good moment I thought that the wall was really broken. These realizations are incredible: they force us to look at the image several times to be able to notice what is reality and what is just painting.
  1. Parade in a big way.
    Parades are often expensive and require large spaces. So looking for more profitable alternatives… painting it is a very good idea. Please, gentlemen tourists: nothing to get on the elephants in real life.
  1. There’s the shark!
    Although everyone knows that it’s just paint, I don’t see that anyone risks stepping on where the shark is and it’s SCARY! You look but you don’t touch.