BTS’s Jin Went Full Hyung On Jimin And Reporters Loved It


Jin-hyung made reporters crack up when BTS arrived at the airport

Jin is BTS‘s oldest member, but he doesn’t usually wield his authority over his dongsaengs — unless he’s cold AF!

BTS flew from Seoul to Los Angeles for the star-studded Jingle Ball. For more than 20 years, musical acts have been spreading cheer at this holiday concert by performing their number one hits.

BTS seemed to have forgotten that they weren’t in LA yet, because they weren’t prepared for cold weather. RM even wore sandals!

Once again, Jimin lived up to his reputation for being chronically late, but Jin wasn’t having it this time.

He playfully shouted for Jimin to hurry up, making the reporters crack up!

Thankfully, BTS was able to thaw out in California!