Dining Room Curtain Ideas That Add the Perfect Finishing Touch


indow treatments put the finishing touches on any space—your dining room, included. A great set of curtains can add privacy to your dining room, making it feel cozier and more remote. Curtains can also give you more control over your lighting set-up, allowing you to adjust the ambiance of your room with ease. And of course, curtains can make a striking addition to your décor scheme, inviting you to play with colors, textures, and prints you haven’t yet explored in your space.

Framed this way, dining room curtains sound like an absolute dream. And while they often are, shopping for them can be a little less idyllic. There are so many different styles to choose from—so many colors, prints, and textures to consider—and don’t forget about pleats and opacities, too!

 With options abound, it can be tough to imagine what might look good in your space. Thankfully, dining room curtains are such a classic décor choice that there’s no shortage of inspiration to pull from.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up 29 striking, curtain-lined dining rooms—and we’ve cited a dining room curtain idea worth stealing from each of them.01of 29
Bring a New Color Into Your Space

A dining room decorated with olive green curtains

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When choosing curtains for your dining room—or any room, for that matter—it can be tempting to stick with the colors that are already in your space. But if you want your drapes to make a statement, consider adding a new shade to your palette, instead. The pop of color is sure to turn heads, and if you pick a shade that’s not too vibrant, it shouldn’t overwhelm your space.02of 29
Add Personality With a Fun Print

A kitchen table decorated with yellow woven chairs and pastel blue printed Roman shades

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When many of us go to buy window treatments, we consider color and texture—and completely neglect print. But, patterned curtains can make an eye-catching addition to your space, and since printed curtains are available in all kinds of different colors, you can go as striking or as subtle as you want to.03of 29
Draw the Eye Upward With Extra-Tall Curtains

A dining room with white walls and white curtains that have been hung extra-high

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Most interior designers will tell you to hang your curtains high—at least several inches above a window. But, if you want to kick the drama up a notch, consider hanging them even higher.

Draw attention to tall ceilings by hanging your curtains way above your windows. It might take some digging to find curtains long enough to pull this off, but any show-stopping choice is worth a little extra effort.04of 29
Go Bold With Your Color and Your Print

A light pink dining room decorated with emerald green printed curtains

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You might think pairing a vibrant color with a bold print is a recipe for disaster. But more often than not, the details play well together, complementing each other rather than clashing.05of 29
Draw Attention to a Bay Window

A dining room inside a room with a curtain-lined bay window

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Curtains aren’t just designed for simple rectangular windows. So if your dining room is framed by a sprawling bay window, don’t give up hope just yet. You can snag a curtain rod that traces the edges of a curved bay window.