Each Member of BTS Almost Didn’t Debut…These Are The Obstacles They Had To Overcome


To be as successful and well received by the public as it is now, BTS had to Bite the bullet in the entertainment industry. There was even a time when all efforts as a trainee could fail and not debut. Here are the obstacles that BTS members had to go through to become the Kpop superstars they are today.

The images of BTS now, the warm welcomes from domestic and foreign audiences, and the countless awards, records and ‘first achievements’ created by BTS make the audience hesitate them as Kpop megastar. But the difficulties that the group had to face before achieving the success it is today is not well known.

BTS rise to stardom is like stepping out of a movie in which they play the lead role of their lives. In order to create the name of an illustrious BTS around the world, the members had to struggle and overcome many difficulties to be able to pursue their dreams and ideal.

1.       RM

RM is fortunate to have received support from his family for his musical pursuits from the beginning. And fortunately he has a solid support and family is also the reason why he does not give up on BTS.

RM shared on a show that he left Big Hit Music six months before BTS was due to debut. When he left Big Hit, he went to see his father. In the end, RM’s father listened to the whole thing and spent a few hours persuading him to come back to the company, telling him, “I know you want to be there (Big Hit) and you need to be there.” RM’s father also knows that RM will regret a lot if he does not return to the company.

After talking with his father, RM returned to Big Hit Music and the day he returned was the day ARMYs felt grateful to his father for doing so.

2.       Jin

Jin’s original goal was not to become an idol but to become an actor. He even rejected SM Entertainment – 1 of the top 3 entertainment companies of Kpop at that time.

However, fortunately when Big Hit Music convinced Jin to be an idol trainee and trained him to become one of the main vocalists of BTS, it was a great decision.

Over the years, Jin has shown his great acting skills through BTS’ MV and his charisma when he appears on stage. Many ARMYs still hope that he will one day appear in a K-Drama.

3.       Suga

Suga’s debut journey is a difficult journey both physically and mentally. Suga comes from a not-so-well-to-do family in Daegu with a strong passion for rap. During the time when he was a trainee, Suga had financial difficulties and he had to work many part-time jobs just to make ends meet as a trainee in Seoul. While doing a delivery job, he injured his shoulder and this led to his decision to give up his job as a Big Hit trainee.

However, Bang Si Hyuk stopped Suga and told him that he was willing to wait for Suga’s shoulder to heal. Not only that, but Bang Si Hyuk also pays all of Suga’s tuition fee so he doesn’t have to worry much about money. Bang Sihyuk’s decision to give Suga the opportunity to debut with BTS is indeed correct.

4.       j-hope

During an episode of Burn The Stage, it was revealed that j-hope was not chosen as a member of BTS when he was a trainee. At that time, RM finally talked to the staff at Big Hit about how important and irreplaceable the role of j-hope in the group is.

After this talk with RM, the company changed its mind and allowed j-hope to stay. And now jhope has become an integral part of BTS and ARMY.

5.       Jimin

When Jimin became a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment, he struggled a lot with learning K-Pop choreography, as they were so different from the kind of choreography he learned. He even had to practice all day in the practice room to prepare for Big Hit’s debut test.

Jimin also revealed that he has heard many times that he is close to being eliminated from the BTS lineup every month. Thankfully, Jimin was able to overcome this problem and is now one of the best dancers in BTS.

6.       V

V’s story of becoming a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment is truly a perfect coincidence. At that time, V went to support his friend when he auditioned for Big Hit. V decides to audition with his friend but has no intention of letting himself audition.

However, it was a coincidence that V was invited by an employee at the company to audition on the spot and he was even contacted by Big Hit to be a trainee. V and his family were confused at first because they thought it was a scam company and had no intention of taking V there. But fortunately, the company staff explained it to V’s father and he decided to help V become a trainee and debut with BTS.

7.       Jungkook

Big Hit CEO Bang Si Hyuk has revealed in the past that Jungkook almost didn’t debut with BTS. He shared the reason that Jungkook was extremely shy when he was a trainee. Jungkook’s shyness was even judged negatively by the company. Bang PD said: “Actually, during his trainee time, when Jungkook was asked to sing, he couldn’t. He was very shy and would just twist his body for 15 minutes”. He also added: “The company evaluation was that he couldn’t even debut because he didn’t have the talent to. But now, isn’t he such a fun member?”

Fortunately, Jungkook overcame his shyness and became an integral part of BTS. As the years passed, Jungkook also learned to love himself, becoming more confident and expressing more emotions. Now he has become a center with his best moments on stage.