The Chairman of Korea Singers Association Lee Ja Yeon Shared The Story Of Being College Classmate With Jin When She Was 50 Years Old


When Jin was in college, he used to be cla̾s̾smates with many other celebrities, but perhaps ARMYs would not have expected that a singer in his 50s would be Jin’s college cla̾s̾smate. On ‘Morning Court’, singer of 80s Lee Ja-yeon revealed that actor Lee Jong-suk and BTS Jin used to be her college cla̾s̾smates.

In the ‘Myungbul Heojeon’ section of KBS 1TV’s “Morning Forum” broadcast on September 6, Eom Young-soo, president of the ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾a Broadcasting Comedian Association, Lee Ja-yeon, a chairman of the ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾a Singers Association, Joo Yong-pil, the president of the ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾an Mochang Singers Association, Choi Wan-jeong and Kim Myung-hwan, the President of the SMEs appeared and had conversations on topics related to the artist field.

In the 80s, when Lee Ja-yeon debuted, she became extremely popular. Her song – ‘Your Meaning’ according to Lee Ja Yeon’s narration: “This song was written and composed by Na Hoon-ah. He seemed to have a foresight. I had come so far to this extent for such a good song,”

Lee Ja-yeon said, “I was late to university. My father said that I cannot live by singing forever and that I must go to school. When I became a singer, I couldn’t forget my father’s words. When I turned 50, I prepared for the entrance exam and entered Konkuk University.”

Next, a photo of Lee Ja-yeon with actor Lee Jong-suk and BTS Jin was projected onto the screen. Lee Ja Yeon said: “Are they cute?” with a happy smile when talking about them.

In the picture, Jin with a youthful appearance during his college days became friends with a famous female singer in the 80s. Jin is also often known for his friendliness with older seniors. age when now has become a famous Kpop superstar. It seems that in the course of his growth from a college student to a celebrity, his sincerity and friendliness have always been loved by older people.

Lee Ja-yeon also added that she is very proud of her “same college” – Jin and BTS have had such great achievements and popularity. Now her hoobae has become a worldwide handsome loved by millions of ARMYs!