Top 7 Strange Animals And Plants That You Have Probably Never Heard Of


The world we live in is a beautiful and strange place surrounded by unique plants and animals. Many of these species are extremely rare and elusive.

  1. Amethyst starling bird
The amethyst starling is a species native to tropical Africa, the males of which are known for their purple and indigo plumage with a hint of green and brown.

2. Green Mycena

Blue Mycean, also known as “Pixie’s Parasol”, is a brilliant blue-green fungus. It is a small fungus, found in and around Australia.

3. Melanistic serval

The Melanistic serval is an extremely rare wild cat native to Africa. It derives its name from melanistic, a genetic mutation that causes it to have dark pigmentation when compared to its congeners.

4. Black Diamond Apple

Black Diamond apples have a unique dark purple skin. This is a rare apple variety grown in the mountains of Tibet.

5. Hymenopus coronatus

Hymenopus coronatus is a rare species of orchid mantis from Malaysia.

6. Rhino iguanas

The rhinoceros iguana is a species of lizard native to the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic).

7. Mexican crocodile lizard

The Mexican alligator lizard also known as the live alligator lizard was described by Edward Drinker Cope, an American breeder, in 1864. The lizards come in a variety of colors depending on the UVB light they are exposed to. touch.