The “Floof n’ Feathers” Comics Are Inspired By The Antics...

The “Floof n’ Feathers” series is inspired by the everyday antics of our real-life pets, following canine brothers Finnegan and Pippin along with Olivia, their cockatoo sister. My name is Perry Quayle and I have been creating comics from an early age, although now I prefer to use digital art software as opposed to crude pencil-on-paper sketches. I got my start making original comic books in my spare time as an elementary school student, scanning copies at my parent’s office to pass out to my friends at school. “Floof n’ Feathers” began as a series of ongoing doodles which me and my wife would draw on scrap paper at work and text back and forth to one another. The series has come a long way since then, now with full color illustrations and a full trio of regular characters (all based on my real-life pets), but the tone and lighthearted spirit of these cartoons has remained steady over the years.