10 Pretty Tile Flooring Ideas That Work in Any Room


For too long, tile flooring has been relegated only to the bathroom, mudroom, and other areas that need a functional flooring option. It’s time for that to change—tile is a durable, stylish flooring pick that can shine in any space—from the dining room to the entryway, to, yes, even the bathroom. Keep reading to see 26 picture-perfect tile flooring picks.

Try Something Smoothsmooth tile flooring ideas living room


For a tile that looks more slab-like than piecemeal, go for large, smooth tiles with barely-there grout lines. Tile flooring like this gives your space a grown-up, modern feel, and smooth tile flooring pairs well with extra texture, like rugs or woven knits.02of 26
Pick Marble for the Entryway

marble tile flooring ideas entryway


For a foyer that makes a statement, pick marble tile for your entryway. This classic tile flooring practically bursts with elegance and makes any space shine. Marble’s neutral coloring also means it looks good with nearly any color combo.03of 26
Use Big Tiles


Not all tiles need be to 12″x12″—instead, think bigger. Plus-size tiles are a great flooring pick when you have plenty of ground to cover. The large size of the tiles makes an already-big space feel a bit more scaled-down and approachable, whereas tiny tiles might exacerbate the size of a large room and make it feel overwhelming.04of 26
Install a Herringbone Pattern


Looking for a tile flooring that’s a bit more interesting than offset horizontal or vertical patterns? Try installing a herringbone tile flooring. This chevron-like pattern can give your space a vintage feel, and it will easily make the tile you have more eye-catching.05of 26
Don’t Forget Brown

brown tile flooring ideas breakfast nook


Though brown may seem like a downer of a color, its rich terracotta tones make it an outstanding tile flooring pick. For a picture-perfect look, pair brown tile with bright white furniture or creamy, off-white walls.06of 26
Try Beige


Beige tile is a classic for a reason. Its toned-down coloring makes it the chameleon of flooring—fitting in anywhere, without standing out. It’s also fairly easy to find in whatever seize you need. Plus, since it’s tile, it’s low-maintenance and durable.07of 26
Look for Outside-the-Box Tile


Don’t be afraid to venture beyond typical tiles for something more unique. Just because a type of tile flooring is popular doesn’t mean it’s a great fit for your home. Keep looking until you find a tile—even if it’s a bit different—that’s the perfect flooring for your space.08of 26
Try Tiny Checkered Tile

tiny checkered tile flooring ideas bathroom

You’ve heard of (and seen) the classic checkered tile flooring that is quintessential Americana. But what about tiny checkered tile flooring? This petite take on the classic tile flooring is a great pick for smaller spaces like bathrooms, or as a more subtle variation if you’re looking for flooring that’s a bit more toned-down.09of 26
Get Geometric

geometric tile flooring ideas bathroom


Yes, flooring needs to be practical and useful, but it can also be fun too. That’s the case in this lighthearted tile flooring from Katie LeClerq. Colorful, geometric tile is a wonderful way to give a small space some excitement, and if you’re feeling bold, it’s a great centerpiece in a bigger space too.