15 Simple and Classic Wooden House Designs


Many people fall in love and dream of owning a wooden house. Apart from the classic value it offers, a wooden house will look unique and special compared to other houses. The wooden house also exudes a warm sense of family and closeness to nature, which is the fulfillment of human natural instincts. Coming home will feel calming and also refresh your energy that has been drained all day. After presenting a collection of inspiration for the outside (exterior) and interior (interior) appearance of a wooden house, we will also discuss tips on caring for a wooden house that will really help you!
Not only using wood as the main material, not a few give a touch of wood to the interior, such as floors, ceilings, furniture, and much more. Here’s a collection of inspiration that Sejasa.com has collected for those of you who want to have a wooden house or wood nuances.It is not enough just to have a house made of wood. This wooden gate and children’s play area look perfect for this charming yet charming wooden house.

This combination of brown and white wood really answers your desire to have a minimalist home with a dominance of wood.

The choice of tempered glass roof displays a luxurious and clean impression. The addition of glass doors and windows further spoils the owner to enjoy the beautiful garden view and blue sky.

The wooden house decoration is maximized with the choice of platform bed in the bedroom. The wooden box stage that matches the walls and floor of the room makes this room more comfortable as a place to rest.

The displays that fill the walls further add to the artistic impression of this minimalist wooden house. Green plants give color to the brown furniture that matches the roof and floor.

This minimalist home design pampers its owner with wooden chairs next to the house to spend quality time with family, or just enjoy the fresh air in the morning.

A small house is maximized with a mezzaine, which is an additional room located between the floor and the ceiling. In addition to not needing to add a floor, this mezzanine also beautifies the interior design of this house.

The architecture of this minimalist wooden house looks so simple but is able to steal the attention with windows and glass doors that match the color of the roof.

This minimalist wooden house may seem simple. But the bench in front of it makes this house special. Not just an ordinary bench, this wooden patio bench turned out to be a swing.

This multi-storey minimalist wooden house looks sturdy with wooden pillars on the side. The addition of a straight bridge over the fish pond to the entrance of the house further enhances the architecture of this wooden house.

The combination of wood with natural stone on the walls of this room gives a cool feel to the kitchen of this wooden house. Suitable for the Indonesian air which is tropical and tends to be hot.

This one bedroom chooses the same color and wood material for each of the furniture. This room is complete with a folding bed which is the same color as the rest of the room when folded.

This wooden house looks so beautiful with green grass in the yard. The addition of a white wooden terrace bench that matches the color of the floor makes this house look even more beautiful and neat.

A very large glass window directly facing the bed allows sunlight to enter and wake the owner in the morning. The additional decoration of burnt wood in front of the window further enhances the beauty of this wooden house.

The design of the living room in this one wooden house is very unique because its position is lower than other rooms. Wooden stairs further beautify the interior. Likewise with green plants that get direct sunlight from the glass window above.