20 Beautiful Magical Scenes Of Forgotten Places


There are places in the world that are forgotten by humans, under the cruel force of time, everyone thinks that the architectures there will gradually degrade and die. But the magical nature can always make people go from surprise to surprise when making them attractive with mysterious nostalgic colors. Under the power of time, the forgotten ancient architectures remaining to this day have been covered with colors that are both ancient and mysterious.

The forgotten railway tunnel in Paris, France.
Sintra Well, Portugal.
A “ghost town” destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, in Belchite, Spain.
The Crystal Mill hydroelectric plant is located on the Crystal River, Colorado, USA.
Abandoned church in Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Ruins of an ancient castle in the city of Sintra, Portugal.
The remains of a ship that ran aground in County Louth, Ireland.
An abandoned church in France.
The yellow brick road in the park, reminds people of the scene from the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, in North Carolina, USA.
“Stairway to Heaven” in Oahu, Hawaii.
An abandoned ship near Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.
A ruined castle in Kopice, Poland.
A deserted fishing village next to the Yangtze River (or Changjiang), China.
A deserted castle forgotten.
Hotel del Salto, in Colombia.
Remains of the old palace, Belgium.
An abandoned house in the countryside.
The club burned down in Austria.
The wreck of a merchant ship in the Red Sea.
Beautiful greenhouse in the winter garden.