20 Cats Who Are Just Too Derpy For Their Own Good


Cat owners like to say there is no other animal that is as special as their pet. But some also have pictures to back it up. From the classic if I fits, I sits to the many funny faces they make—cats can take over their human’s camera roll in a myriad of ways.

Need Extra Caution When Going To The Bathroom
 Total Eclipse Of The Cat
Nap Like An Egyptian
Gave My Girlfriend’s Cat A Smooch In The Forehead And He Hit Me With The Most Offended Look
In Memory And Appreciation Of My Blind Cat Who Passed Away A Few Months Ago, Ice
My Cat Keeps Sitting Like This And It Makes Me So Uncomfortable
Gave My Cat His Christmas Gift Early, Here Is How He Slept After Playing With His New Fishy
The Way Our Cat, Millie, Lets Us Know Someone Is Here
My Cat Sometimes Does This
Frejya Only Sleeps In Derpy Positions
This Dumb Idiot Wouldn’t Stop Yelling About How It’s Stuck When It Got In There In The First Place
Lily Doesn’t Like Me Taking Pictures Of Her Bunny Butt, But It’s Too Cute!
 I Promise She’s Not Getting Electrocuted
 Spend 20 Minutes Looking For My Cat. Found Her Here
I Will Have That…
 One Got Ripe Earlier Than The Others
 Our Cat Often Hangs Like This
The Little Arm Just Kills Me
 I Vant To Drink Your Milk
 Toby’s Favorite Part Of Going To The Vet Is Getting To Sit In This Sink
 Inside Every Cat, Beats The Heart Of A Lion