Fans are unsubscribing from Karina’s Bubble following her dating news with Lee Jae Wook


The world of K-pop is a complex ecosystem where fans often form deep emotional connections with their favorite idols. This connection is maintained and nurtured through various platforms, from social media to fan clubs. However, with the rise of fan communication apps like Bubble, fans have been given unprecedented access to their idols. They can subscribe for a monthly fee to engage in direct conversations, access exclusive content, and feel a sense of closeness with the idols they admire.

One such idol, Karina from aespa, recently made headlines when she announced that she was in a romantic relationship with actor Lee Jae Wook. While many fans were supportive and happy for Karina, others were not as pleased. Some of Karina’s fans took to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the news. Some fans even went as far as to unsubscribe from the monthly subscription from Karina’s Bubble.

These fans began sharing screen captures showing that they had unsubscribed from Karina’s Bubble and expressed disappointment in her dating news, claiming that it is too soon for a K-pop idol who debuted three years ago.

One fan shared, “My friends who are fans all say it’s okay, but I don’t think they’re okay. I subscribed to both Winter and Karina on August 1, 2022. At first, I subscribed when they first launched on May 6, 2021, but then I unsubscribed briefly in February 2022 because of issues in my current life. Either way, I’ve been subscribed to both Karina and Winter for 575 days on Bubble. But I’ve decided to keep only Winter’s.

KWANGYA119 ignores the complaints and has zero lawsuits, but SM, which only focuses on things like this and says YES immediately, is too incompetent and useless. Dispatch, who are stalkers, should be taken down, and honestly, Karina should receive criticism for this incident.

She’s the leader and center position but wasn’t careful. It’s only been a little over three years and three months… What’s certain is that some of Karina’s fans will leave, and it looks like Winter will take center position for the regular comeback…”


Other fans got into a discussion about whether K-pop idols should be allowed to date. One fan claimed, “Celebrities could date…” with others agreeing. However, another fan refuted this by saying, “The reason they shouldn’t get caught (dating) is not because of the fans but it can cause harm to the other team members.”

Another fan claimed that many more fans are criticizing Karina on other social media platforms such as social media platform X (formerly Twitter) and stated that K-pop idols who want to maintain fans while still dating should just become artists, not K-pop idols.


Korean netizens commented, “I think celebrities are free to date and fans are free to leave the fandom,” “Even from a non-Karina-fan perspective, I feel this every time: (celebrities who are caught dating) are treated worse and receive more curses than those who actually commit a crime… The atmosphere is really weird…” “I understand that fan who unsubscribed,” “Why are people saying that she’s causing harm to the members? It’s not like she committed some serious crime. She’s just dating,” “Just be a fan and not delusional like you were dating her or something,” and “I get what fans feel. They’re just so disappointed.”