How to Add Art Deco Furniture to Your Home


“If you’re looking to style some Art Deco design pieces in your home, keep in mind that a few wonderful Art Deco pieces can be the stars of the room,” advises London. He says that not every single item needs to be considered Art Deco to achieve the look. According to London, “Those wonderful Art Deco pieces will tend to be the wow factor in your room, while everything else may quietly compliment the space.” Here are some tips for how to add Art Deco furniture to your home.
Tip #1: Opt for Sleek Materials

art deco bedroom

Though the first Art Deco furniture designs favored exotic wood as the main material, the style evolved to incorporate more readily available and mass-produced substances like wrought iron and glass. When looking to incorporate Art Deco furniture into your home, seek out sleek materials like metal. Then, balance them out with cozier finishes like a richly patterned rug or textured throw blanket.
Tip #2: Go Glam with Lighting

art deco living room lighting

Glam is the name of the game with Art Deco decor, and there’s no better way to complete the look than with geometric lighting. This decorative detail can set off your plush velvet furniture and natural motifs, adding depth and visual interest to the room. “Look for pieces that have multiple geometrical shapes and ornamentation,” advises DelMonico.
Tip #3: Choose Rich Woods

art deco wood console

High-end Art Deco furniture in the 1920s was made from rich, exotic woods like ebony, burl walnut, maple, or ash, giving it a deeper color, gorgeous elegance, and most importantly, unmatched durability. If you’re looking to add a statement Art Deco piece to your home, search for solid-wood items complete with eye-catching geometric inlays or designs.
Tip #4: Make a Statement with Mirror

art deco table

For added glamour, add an Art Deco-inspired mirrored piece to your home. The sleek, sharp, shiny edges have a dramatic effect on the space, creating a focal point for the rest of your decor. As an added bonus, select an animal-print accent to play up the luxe factor.