Ideas for a comfortable bedroom


1. Declutter and streamline

2. Invest in an ottoman bed

3. DIY your drawers

4. Take under-bed storage to new heights

5. Create a bed-end bank

6. Invest in built-in

7. Make the most of ceiling heights

8. Build a bespoke hide-away vanity unit

9. Streamline a row of wall hung units

11. Tackle small items with baskets

12. Tame an untidy wardrobe

13. Add a longline shelf to display pretty knick-knacks

14. Keep floors clutter-free

15. Get your jewellery sorted

16. Maximise your space with a clever storage headboard

17. Double up on desk space and bedside storage

18. Fit alcove cupboards

19. Create double tier rails

20. Create a neat styling station

21. Add high shelves near the ceiling

22. Squeeze in a skinny vanity unit

23. Keep work clutter contained

24. Style your bedside tables

25. Build in bespoke wardrobes

26. Plan wisely with hidden storage

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