List Of The Smartest Animals In The World


We often assume that humans are the most intelligent creatures when it comes to problem solving, generating new ideas, and experiencing complex emotions. However, there are also animals that possess remarkable intelligence, they can even imitate humans or create feeding tools.

Chimpanzees have 98% of the same DNA as humans, so it’s not surprising that this is one of the most intelligent animals on Earth. According to scientists, chimpanzees possess amazing intelligence when they can create and use tools to hunt in groups. In addition, this animal also experiences emotions such as empathy, altruism, and self-awareness.

Dolphins exhibit a major indicator of intelligence through creativity. A dolphin in Australia has used a sponge as a mouthguard when hunting in the sea. Dolphins use skills they learned through evolution to hunt more efficiently and pass that on to their offspring. In addition, scientists also discovered that dolphins also have near-human cognition, they have the ability to recognize language and empathize.

Elephants are commonly known to have excellent memories, but this is not the only aspect of their intelligence. The intelligence of elephants has been compared with that of primates and the order of whales. Elephants seem to have awareness and empathize with other members in distress by using vibrations felt in their feet.

The intelligence of species such as octopus, squid and cuttlefish is the subject of much scientific interest. Octopuses have both memory and act on consciousness, not just instinct. The octopus’s ability to camouflage is great when not simply changing the pigment to have the same color as the surrounding scenery, the octopus also knows how to “impersonate” other animals.

Crows are known to be extremely quick-witted animals. They can create tools to get food in hard to reach places. In addition, many species of crows also know where they keep their food and carefully hide their food to avoid being robbed by others.

Squirrels are animals with perfect memory, good navigation ability and one of the most intelligent creatures in the world. Studies show that squirrels can make three-dimensional maps to help them find their way back to where they hid their nuts. They can also store food to eat for months.

When it comes to the intelligence of animals, dogs cannot be ignored. After a training process, they can almost understand the will of people, even follow orders in an extremely clever way. Dogs can understand simple commands such as sit, run, and grab objects, and many even recognize object names and learn new words, signs, and gestures.

Research has shown that goats are much more intelligent than we think. One experiment asked 12 goats to perform a complex food transport operation. Nine out of 12 goats later still recalled how the process worked 10 months later.

Like many other creatures, bees need nutrients to survive and thrive. To meet that need, bees get pollen, nectar from plants. Therefore, the food source of bees largely depends on the blooming season. Some bees are very clever when they can find a way to force flowers to bloom early to have food.