Ugly Houses Become Masterpieces In The Blink Of An Eye


The “lifeless” walls become incredible works of art.

French artist Patrick Commecy and other artists turn ‘lifeless’ walls into artistic paintings of everyday life. He breathes life into inanimate walls.

Old time cafe.

To draw Commency must use a lot of protective gear to hang on the wall.

Cannes Cinema.

At a glance, we can see the great merits of Commency.

Not only good at painting, Commnecy is also well versed in ‘magic’.

One building turned into 2 buildings.

The famous play Romeo & Juliet.

Before & after Commnecy made.

Celebrity kisses.

Juliette et les esprits, the French painter appears in the photo.

At a resort near Mont-Blanc mountain.

An old house.

The facade of an apartment complex is transformed by Commency.