Solution for a tidy house


1. This incredibly sexy broom and cleaning supply closet

2. This brilliant bookcase/banquette/divider/storage cube

3. This incredible DIY bed and storage loft

4. This reading nook that transforms into a guest room in less than a minute

5. This refreshed, formerly bland apartment with terrific (temporary) updates

6. Every inch of this 225-square-foot apartment is well organized

7. This cute entryway that adds beautiful storage to a small home

8. These neat custom built-ins

9. This space-maximizing 400-square-foot Brooklyn apartment

10. These beautiful wallpapered closet doors

11. This small studio apartment’s easy, elegant divider solution

12. This houseboat has one of the cutest tiny house kitchens… and great storage solutions

13. Using your fridge as storage space in a small kitchen

14. This bold, colorful, and well-curated built-in

15. These affordable shelves that look like pricey built-ins

16. This tiny house’s storage that’s reminiscent of serene Japanese tea rooms

17. This hidden jewelry closet

18. This magical DIY TV-hiding cabinet

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